All About Rocks

Elementary Science

We are excited to introduce a new Instagram reel style video to share with students in the elementary classroom. This video has applications across elementary grade levels. Our research shows us that students are attracted to short videos that seem spontaneous and authentic. We think this video fits the bill!

In this video, we use fossils and a model of sedimentary rocks to demonstrate the process of how fossils become fossil fuels.

Use the terms below to create an introduction to the video or after the video as part of a discussion.

  • Fossil

  • Fossil fuel

  • Erosion

  • Sedimentary Rock

  • Permian Basin

  • Pore

  • Energy

Follow up discussion may include the following questions to check for understanding:

  • What types of rocks are there?

  • Why are rocks different?

  • How are fossil fuels made?

  • What products are made from rocks (fossil fuels)?

  • Where are fossil fuels found?

  • Why are models important in showing scientific processes?

As an extension, consider purchasing a STEM rock kit and have students make observations using a graphic organizer.